Problem-Solving Is the Problem

The ideal scenario of preventing problems altogether needs to be reached

In a business, just as anywhere else, problems will arise. It’s human nature to forget, to be careless and to be fatigued. What’s important is to not accept it as a matter of fact. Progress, in itself, implies overcoming one’s limitations – being more that you were a minute ago. If humans would have accepted the fact that only birds can soar through the sky and only fish can scour the depths of the ocean, we never would have even invented the wheel. So instead of accepting errors, we need to be able to look past them.

No matter how quickly it’s applied, a solution implies that an error has occurred. So if finding a solution IS the problem, how do we solve this? We invest more time and resources in to a prevention system, and less in to an “it’s-broken-quick-we-need-to-stich-this-up” system. Continue reading

The Importance of a Structured IT Network Inside a Company

A company is a very intricate system. It’s complicated, it’s elaborated and it’s vast. There are dozens of departments, each of them acting as a pillar that holds the company above sea-level, well afloat. And for every person in the company there’s a computer that enables them to do the work that is required of them.

The human half of the system, can, to a certain degree manage itself. If things start going downhill, a human’s self-preservation instinct kicks in and makes sure that any threats are eliminated or avoided entirely. (We take a vacation; we drink ourselves silly until our mind is a blank) Continue reading