Problem-Solving Is the Problem

The ideal scenario of preventing problems altogether needs to be reached

In a business, just as anywhere else, problems will arise. It’s human nature to forget, to be careless and to be fatigued. What’s important is to not accept it as a matter of fact. Progress, in itself, implies overcoming one’s limitations – being more that you were a minute ago. If humans would have accepted the fact that only birds can soar through the sky and only fish can scour the depths of the ocean, we never would have even invented the wheel. So instead of accepting errors, we need to be able to look past them.

No matter how quickly it’s applied, a solution implies that an error has occurred. So if finding a solution IS the problem, how do we solve this? We invest more time and resources in to a prevention system, and less in to an “it’s-broken-quick-we-need-to-stich-this-up” system.

Understanding what caused a problem, the hows and whys that led to it, can help ensure that instead of treating the symptom, the disease itself can be cured. This way, we prevent the same error from happening again. Expanding the analysis on these triggers can also help us to identify similar problems, so that never-encountered issues can be avoided altogether.

Sure, now mistakes will be made in the prevention department, but this way at least there’s a chance at avoiding disaster. The mistake, the future problem that could arise, is something impeding, but not imminent, so this gives you a window, it gives you time – time to see today what you missed yesterday, before it hits you tomorrow.

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