How Can a Controlled Insight in to Your IT Assets Reduce Financial Risk?

Before you can form a business plan, whether it’s a long or short term one, you need to know exactly what resources you have at your disposal. Knowing with whom you are working with is not enough – you also need to know with what you are working with. And today, computers are the “Swiss Army Knife” of the business world.

Having everything laid out in front of you is the best way to see the big picture, to ensure that all the parts are working towards achieving the same goal. However, a lot of companies don’t recognize the need for, and the importance of this *big picture*

More than 60% of companies worldwide have no controlled insight about their assets.

This means that their decisions are based less on accurate facts regarding what the company can actually accomplish and in what time and more on “guesstimating. “ This is also one of the reasons why so many deadlines are often not met: because managers overestimated the work yield of their available resources, both in number and quality.

So how exactly can controlling your assets improve your results?

Optimize purchasing costs – knowing exactly what you own can help you to streamline your acquisitions. You can avoid purchasing assets that are already present in your company and fill in any gaps in production.

Increase productivity – by ensuring an optimized IT environment you can prevent workflow interruptions and, and such, any delays (through a back-up system.) You can also increase overall productivity by maximizing the efficiency of every individual machine.

Create an overview – a system used to manage and index your IT assets will enable you to view that “big picture” we mentioned earlier. It can gather all possible data on your network and list in one single place, in numbers, graphics and when needed, additional details.

And last, but not least

Increase security – prevent possible security incidents by keeping all systems up-to-date.

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